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My goal is to Empower you all, to stop, look yourself in the mirror and say, self! What do you need today? Then take the necessary action to make it happen!

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Take care…


Take care…

of you!

I know you aren’t use to it.

Be intentional,

You deserve it!

How can you live the best you,

too busy giving your all away.

You could offer so much more to the world.

You could be so full of power and so full of joy.

If you would just slow down,

take a deep breath

and realize this world is yours.

You create it,

You dream it,

You bring  it to life,

You make it happen for you!

So take time for yourself!

Decide what you want!

and go get…

But before you conqueror the world,

You must!

Take care…

of you!



God is Amazing! 

Am I the only one who has truly thought about God in all his grandeur! 

I think about the God that is sitting on THE THRONE OF THRONES! The God whose garment fills the temple, with amazing colors and glorious perfection! I think about God, with a voice of a thousand trumpets. The God who spoke and everything just was. 

The God who imagined the sun, the moon and stars. The God who is the source of all life. The God who came up with everything in the universe. I think about the knowledge and intellect that is put into creating a life form such as ours. How everything operates with our living in mind. 

How all the planets are uniquely placed and are able to orbit one another. How the waters stay at bay and the moon operates as a system to create boundaries. I think about the uniqueness of the animals. All the deferent species. All the beautiful plants and flowers. 

I love watching the clouds and feeling the wind and in that moment I am reminded of just how Amazing God is! How his Amazing Power, his Amazing Existence, and his Amazing Imagination worked  together to create such beauty, such perception!

 I think about his creativity, in awe and amazement! Wow! He is truly an Amazing God! 

Welcoming Change!

I so love when autumn comes! It’s the season for layers, beautiful autumn colors, boots, capes, bye-bye allergies (for me), hello fierce season! Can you see why I love autumn so much? It’s that time of the year where change happens. The leaves begin to change, the weather changes, we switch over our wardrobes, our food choices change, we go from ice tea to hot tea. Most of the changes are cultural but we all have some type of preparation for seasonal changes.

So I have been on this path of CHANGE! I was excited about the outcome of the change but not as much when I thought of what I would have to change in order to get that outcome.

I feared having to do something different and hold myself accountable, I am sure I am not alone.

It was daunting, to think about the sacrifices I would have to make in order to actually change my life for the better. Here’s a perfect example, I want to lose 30 lbs but thinking of the fact that I would have to stop eating my beloved donuts and drinking my Pepsi caused some resistance. I could already see myself in my two piece and fitting back into my size 12 pants but I was not so thrilled about giving up my bad habit in exchange to get my desired results.

So here I am wanting something I was not willing to put the effort in to have! Wow! Don’t we do that quite often. 

Then I had an epiphany, if you simply allow your mindset to be changed not only would the outcome come to you but the resistance to the actual change would disappear. I started thinking of all the ways changing would benefit every aspect of my life.  On the flip side I realized just as autumn comes, changes comes whether we like it or not.

I could welcome the change or instead of making the sacrifice to lose the 30 lbs, I could continue with my bad habits and gain 30 lbs. The choice was mine so I decided to Welcome the change!

Commanding the DAY!

Commanding the DAY!

For the past 3 weeks my days have began at 5 am with prayer, affirmations, declarations and meditation. I find myself rolling out of the bed tired and all, but ready to supercharge my day with power.

So I begin by taking command of my day. 

When I first began it was not only hard but I found myself weeping, sobbing and crying out to God to help to change my day. I would cry out God pleeaassee go before me and allow less turmoil than the day before, give me some relief and some peace. God do it, God fix it, God I need you. Week 1, was a struggle, can you here the struggle in that lol.

By Week 2, I had tapped into my POWER. I stopped sobbing, I wiped my face, I cried a little, and  I start speaking into my situation rather than just speaking about my situation. My posture started to change. My word choice changed and I started to feel my spiritual muscle begin to grow. I found myself saying God you can and you will!

Well, here it is Week 3 and my posture has truly changed. I am no longer sobbing, weeping and crying. I find myself declaring, decreeing, speaking life through my words and Commanding the Day! My words have completely changed now I realize God has given me the power to speak, create, command and decree. So I find myself telling the mountain to move, commanding peace in my day, commanding joy, speaking to myself, to my mind and to my spirit. I wake up, still “dragging myself out the bed”, lol I really do want to sleep, but I know the impact that 5 am prayer has been having on my life so I get up.

I feel so empowered, so ready to take on the day, I feel my confidence rising and my perspective on my day is also changing. I am becoming a powerful force through using my weapon of prayer to fight against spiritual warfare. I see that warfare in a different light, I have come out of that victim role and realized what it’s here for. It is here to sharpen me and perfect me. It’s part of the spiritual thermometer that says, Hey!, before your temperature gets too high you may want to take some Tylenol. You may want to address the issues that are causing the suffering and the warfare.

Tomorrow I will go into the specifics of what I am currently doing in my prayer time and meditation. But for now, wipe the tears and recognize the POWER you posses. We can command our day, declaring and decreeing what we need. We do not have to be the victim and we do not have to take these things lying down.

Commanding your day is simply this, making up your mind that no outside situation or  circumstance will change the fact that I am Powerful and that I have the power within me to change the trajectory of my life. 


Harnessing the POWER to CHANGE… Becoming the best ME!

I am so excited to begin my journey of change! Get ready for the REAL

I will be sharing my personal struggles and triumphs on this amazing journey to BECOMING the BEST ME.  Although those struggles have strengthened me and those triumphs have shaped my journey, it’s time to take control of my life and change what no longer brings me happiness and freedom. What no longer brings value to my life and is ultimately slowing me down from living a life of true purpose. 

You guys will get to experience my journey to self-love, self-care, self-evaluation, becoming a vegetarian, loving my body and my mind, budgeting/saving my money, stewarding my time and being a single mom!

Yes, there will be some days where I will totally tell it like it is lol! Yes, there will be some days where I will cry and laugh… lol, all at the same time! I am super spiritual at times, so I may preach and share my bible study.  Know this, I am not only sharing my journey but I am sharing in hopes that my transparency will help someone else.

You will be my virtual accountability partners, I will write here of course, but I will also post videos via YouTube and add the links here.

You will be able to ask questions, and I will be here to answer your questions and give you the help you need in your journey also.

FREE STUFF, I will add valuable resources, links and tips here to empower you along the way. Whatever valuable research I find out there I will share with you, it’s not all about me.

We are going to have an amazing journey! I will tell you my goals, that way I become accountable to my audience.. meaning you! I will be sharing all my goals soon!

I found peace!

I found peace!
Not in the places I have been
Not in the places I’m going
Not in the things that use to help me fill the voids
Not in the long nights of tears
Not in the strongholds or in the things that took my power
Not in my own knowledge
Not in my fears
Not in my strength and not in forgiveness
I found peace
It was wrapped in the word
It stood out to me
It shined and it was bright
It brought the darkness to light
It made me face my pain and not hide in it’s shadows
I found peace and he lived within
I ran from him
I feared his truth
I found peace and when I found it I never wanted to go back
I found peace and he soothed the pain
He showed me true love
My mind was at ease and my fear no longer controlled me
I found peace JESUS covered me
I found peace the HOLY SPIRIT saved me
I found peace GOD transformed me


Daniel 1: Sustaining Power

I was in prayer and Daniel 1 came to me. I read it and this stuck out so clearly for me! We run around worried because we aren’t eating what the world eats, we don’t have the fancy things the world has, worrying about what people, kings and rulers of this world have but this is what stuck out to me. Here it was Daniel had been chosen to serve in the royal palace. The King had given them rations but Daniel chose not to eat of the food and wine provided by the King. The Chief of Staff was worried that if they didn’t eat of the food from the Kings they wouldn’t be healthy enough to serve. This reminded me of us we feel like if we don’t have the things and the food the world has we won’t look a certain way. We won’t look like what the world looks like and we get caught up in it. But here’s the part I love. Daniel decided he wouldn’t eat what everyone else would eat he decided that he would eat only vegetables and drink water. He told the chief of staff to test him and see! After 10 days compare him to the other young men. Daniel was determined not to defile himself and he was determine that by not doing so God would sustain him. Many of us will defile ourselves to have what the world has instead of trusting and believing that God will sustain us. Here it was day 10 Daniel and his friends looked healthier than those eating from the Kings table. Many of us aren’t happy with how God is sustaining us! We have it all and don’t even realize it. Wanting what the world has and not realizing we are healthier mentally than a lot of those people that have more than we do. We are healthier spiritually we have an internally peace and joy that supersedes THINGS. We have to stop defiling ourselves and begin to show the world that although I don’t have what the King of this world is putting on a pedestal try My King Jesus, watch him prove himself, watch him sustain me, watch him carry me and watch him bring me out bolder, healthier, more anointed, with more joy, with more wisdom, with things the World can’t account for! You are blessed refuse to defile yourself!